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April 4, 2013
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I was sitting in my place in my classroom, having bad mood. Later, I saw [Name], talking with her friends. I guess she’s been taking about the guy she like.  I felt so irritated..

A conversation about who you like?
That’s something I don’t wanna hear.
But secretly I’m glued to your every word.
So annoying….

“Hey Silver, what’s wrong?” My friend, Green asked.

“Uh.. Nothing special,” Then I covered my face with my two hands. Then I go to the boy’s locker room to change my clothes.

-Time skip! In PE class…-

I know the reason why I’m this way,
But still… It’s always on my mind...

I was playing dodge ball with my friends and other male classmates. And then… I was staring at [Name] for a long time, smiling and playing tennis with her friends and other female classmates.

I really can’t stop looking at her. Her smile, her energetic attitude and everything about her… The truth is… I was fall in love with her, but I’m scared…

I was talking to myself. “Should I tell her that I love her?” “When I gonna to confess at her?” “If I confess, Maybe she’ll dislike me?”

Please forgive the fact that I’ve falling in love with you,
But as for having the courage to tell you…
…I just don’t have it,
Since the only thing that’s true are these feelings….

“HEY!!! THE BALL IS GOING NEAR YOU!!” My friend shouted. And I looked back. And I hitted. And fall to the ground.

Man, It really hurts, and I’m having a nosebleed. And I’m secretly crying.

Sorry but…
I can’t cheer for you!
I hope it doesn’t go well!!

“S-Silver!! A-are you alright!? And your nose is bleeding!!” Gold said.

“This is terrible. We need to bring him to the clinic.” Green said.

I kept sobbing. I REALLY need to go to the clinic…

“Hey, Are you crying Silver?” Gold asked.

“Shut up you idiot, I’m not crying!” I shouted. The true is, I’m crying because of the pain. Man. It’s really really hurts.

“You’re crying anyway! But you got a nice play there!” Green said,

“I said… I’m not… *sobs* Crying…!!” I said.

Then my two friends carried me like a… a dead human. Geez. “HEY!! STOP IT!!!” I shouted.

Sigh.. Those two are annoying…

-Next day… In the school.-

I go early to my school, When I was already near to my classroom, I saw [Name], opens the door. And She saw me back.

I greeted her good morning, and she greeted me back… With a smile.

“Good Morning! You got some bed – head you know.”
Looking all embarrassed you said: “it’s a secret!”
Gah, saying it like that is unfair.

I secretly blushed, Her smile is so cute! Everytime I saw/talk her, I’m think I’m floating in the air… Dancing like an idiot. I really like her… But I wish… She’ll likes me back…

My everyday seems to be floating in air.
The world is so lively!!

Before… I saw her weeping, because she saw the guy she really loves, has someone else. I hiding, talking to myself.

“Sigh.. It’s really hard, isn’t it?”

“You must choose a guy which is really right for you.”

“Sometimes, Love is really hurts…”

And.. then.. She’s really crying. I wanted to help her but… I can’t…

I’m a jerk who hopes that the person you like already has someone else….
This is no good, not at all!!

Now, I’m in my room, siting alone and… Staring… And thinking about the past…. Man, everytime I heard that she’s talking about the guy she likes, I’m felt jealous… I wish she’ll like me soon…

Being jealous,
Continuing to struggle,
It just won’t let me be at ease,
Wanting to talk to you, going to look for you…
I want to have you to myself…

I stand up. Planning to see [Name] and tell something. I really can’t stop hiding my feeling at her. So I get my things and running around my school just to find her.
Few minutes of searching, I saw her, walking. I called her name, and she look me back, confused.

“Yes? Silver?” She asked.

And I replied:
“I have something I want to tell you! Today… After school,”
“At 4:10 pm in this classroom right here.”

The sound of my heart won’t stop ringing in my ears,
Trying to bear with it for a bit like this…
You nodded…

-- 4:10 PM, Still at school,--

I’m still on outside the classroom that I told her to tell something… I’m still shocked.

Now. It’s the time that I’ll confess to her. I don’t want to see her sad, crying and being sorrowful I felt hurt everytime I see her like that.. I wanted make her smile everyday! Her smile always completes my day.

You know, just supposing,
If you would go out with me…
I’d show you that I could make you smile every single day!
A good luck charm said 5 minutes before the big moment…
Time to go…

Now, I open the door and Tell it to her. I saw her looking at the window, when I opened the door, she looked at me.

And I tell her. “I have something to tell you now…"

"Would you have me..?”

She smiled and hugged me.  “Sure Silver!!” She said.

I smiled. Then I hugged her back. I’m so happy…

After that, we become close couples… And my jealousy removed after I confess to her…
-Sorry for the grammar and Spelling and It's okay to criticize!-

Dedicated to this Awesome Girl: :iconotakuprincess1:

Another Pokemon Special fanfic~! And another song fic!

The song: [link]

This fic must be Ruby x Reader but... Instead I made a Silver x Reader. :iconpervysilverplz: (DARN YOU SILVER. XDJust kidding. XDD)

I hope you like it~!


Silver, Pokemon Special (C): Hidenori kusaka, Mato and Satoshi Yamamoto

Story (C): :iconsilverreira:

Song: A Solution For Jealousy by Gumi

You (C): :iconpokespesilverplz:

Art (C): To the wonderful Artist who draw that.
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